Day Trip Possibilities

While you are here, why not allow yourself the opportunity to discover the stunning scenery of Northern Ontario’s back country through various hiking and boating adventures? Each of the locations listed below are easily completed in a one day trip.

Here are a few Northern Ontarian highlights you may like to see during your visit to Wanderhouse!

Onaping Falls

onaping falls






Onaping falls provides a beautiful backdrop for a day of hiking, swimming and picnicking. The falls flow 45 meters across rock that is said to be over 2.5 billion years old, making the area a famous geological site. The A.Y. Jackson Trail is lined with maple, oak, pine and cedar, providing stunning fall colors. It is called the A.Y. Jackson Trail because Jackson, being one of the members of the celebrated Canadian artist assembly, the Group of Seven, made this area famous with his renditions on canvas.

Manitoulin Island

You could spend the day exploring the many sights of the world’s largest fresh water island. Then hike one of Ontario’s most popular treks, The Cup and Saucer Trail. At the end of this 7.4 km trail is a spectacular panoramic view of the North Channel.  Take a look at Bridal Veil Falls and walk the short distance to Mudge Bay. The day wouldn't be complete without a stop in Little Current. Take a stroll along the boardwalk before you head back to Wanderhouse.

French River

The French River is a 125 km stretch of twisting, winding river that connects Lake Nipissing to the Georgian Bay. It was also referred to as “The Gateway to the North”. The very first voyagers of Canada, such as Samuel Champlain, traveled this dangerous route with furs and supplies to the West.

french river

Much of the natural beauty of the area has been preserved and therefore remains the same today as it did when it was first discovered. You will be able to see for yourself as you hike to the Recollect Falls.

Later in the day you could take a quiet cruise along the French River with Rene, a local expert who resides in the area. Rene will share his knowledge and passion with exciting stories and history as you relax and take in the natural tapestry. The beauty of it all takes your breathe away.



The unique feature of this area is the quartzite mountainous range called La Cloche. The mountains are located within the Killarney Provincial Park. The quartz glistening in the afternoon sun makes the mountains of this area appear white in colour. Enjoy a short hike of a small portion of the La Cloche Trail (to hike the whole 78 km trail would take 7 to 10 day), in order to save yourself a little time to take a swim in the adjacent sapphire blue, George Lake. This particular spot was named after another founding member of The Group of Seven, Franklin Carmichael (1890-1945). This Canadian artist was also captivated by the natural beauty that this region has to offer. So much so, that he painted a picture called La Cloche Silhouette in 1939, for which it is named.

After a day of hiking and swimming, you can go into the township of Killarney and indulge in another local favorite, Hubbert’s Fresh Fish and Chips. You can dine on the docks that line the Georgian Bay and watch the yachts sail through on their way to their next adventure.

One could spend many days in the Killarney region. You will just have to come back!

These represent only a few of the activities that await you.  If you have other plans while visiting the region, every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

We would be happy to assist you in planning your vacation. It’s our goal to make your stay with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

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