Musical Feast (7)

 Seven Sundays of feasting and there doesn’t seem to be any end is sight! Randy Bachman’s show was once again on the “Eyes” theme with favourites like Van Morrison’s, Brown Eyed Girl.

I do have to say that this week we deserved to feast with all of the planting we did. We even managed to have a little jig in our step as we listened to Randy’s inspired music selection. We planted two weeping larch trees, two climbing hydrangeas, one weeping Norway spruce, and four butternut trees, otherwise known as white walnut trees. The butternut trees came from friends of ours that have dedicated their lives to the propagation and longevity of this tree! No one loves these trees like they do! The tree is on the Ontario’s Species at Risk list. For the last couple of years we would see this couple at the annual Christmas party and we would always talk about their walnut trees. I had always said that I would like to have a couple of their trees. You need at least two in order for cross pollination to occur and you need pollination in order to produce nuts.  Well in December  it isn’t possible to plant trees, but this year the Butternut tree lovers made it happen. They called me last week and offered to not only bring the trees but to plant them too! That was an offer that I couldn’t refuse! So we spent the afternoon planting the trees and then once we had planted all four trees and supplied this year’s generation of blackflies with their dinner, we went in to begin cooking our own.

{Mr. and Mrs. Butternut Friends}

{Mr. and Mrs. Butternut Friends}

Tonight we had Diamond Rio’s, Chicken with Lemon Caper Sauce and the Banana Cake. I served the chicken with lemon parsley couscous and steamed broccoli and red pepper. The Banana Cake was delicious! Way more delicious than I could have imagined. It was simple, light and loaded with walnuts! I served it with whipping cream and a drizzle of some maple liqueur whiskey called Sortilege.  It was a nice end to a simple country meal. What made this meal authentically country was the mouse that the cat chased through the kitchen as we finished dinner. I think we need a new cat! Thank goodness our friends don’t mind a little country with their chicken!!

Diamond Rio

{Diamond Rio}

{Gene Johnson's Chicken Breasts with Lemon-Caper Sauce}

{Gene Johnson’s Chicken Breasts with Lemon-Caper Sauce}

{Dan Truman’s Favourite Banana Cake}

{Dan Truman’s Favourite Banana Cake}

Apparently Diamond Rio has a song called, “I Could do it with my Eyes Closed”. I couldn’t find a video for that song but I did find this one and suddenly I was grateful for the wonderful life I have and of course for all of my new trees. Cross your fingers that they live!

I have a new idea for a remix song for Randy’s eyes theme. Instead of Gordon Lightfoot’s, Black Day in July, we have, Blackfly in the Eye. I’m going to have to get it on karaoke!  I know I could make my rendition a hit in and around our house this summer.

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