One would think that I am referring to Bed and Breakfast. Not in this case. This time I’m talking about birds and beavers. The other day my husband called me to the window to see what he was seeing. Down the middle of the road there was this huge beaver, just plodding along. Our road is beginning to flood out down by the beaver pond. He must be doing a good job of his life’s passion. He seems to be a happy guy, doesn't he?

Because we were away for a couple of weeks over Easter, I think a robin decided that right outside our back door would be a great spot for a new summer home. I don’t mind so much.... but our back yard life would come to a halt for this bird and her future family. We would be constantly minding the birds. I hope she changes her mind. Location, location, location.

We also seem to have a healthy population of partridge this year! They seem to be everywhere. Either we are coming around a corner and scaring a partridge or partridge is coming around a corner and scaring us.

In all cases there seem to be plenty of birds and beavers this year!



 {Mr. Beaver}

{Birds Nest}

{Bird Nest Outside Our Back Door}


 {Partridge On Our Front Lawn}


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