Musical Feast (5)

Randy’s show tonight was focused around the function drums and certain drum solos that have made the songs we love exceptional. It was a really good show, starting with Karen Carpenter. Did you know she was a drummer? I think that I had forgotten that somewhere along the way. Like a lot of other people I just love the pure tone of her voice. Randy did play a song from the Rolling Stone’s, “Get Off Of My Cloud”, I hadn’t ever really noticed the drums in that song before but it was interesting. Those songs and many more were ours for a two hour joy ride down drummers lane.

For the musical feast tonight, I made Keith Richard's mothers recipe for Shepherds Pie. Again it is comfort food to the max. Keith says that he could eat it every day. I don’t think that I would go that far as it has probably been more than twenty years since I last made Shepherd’s Pie. Wayne seemed to love it. It is definitely guy hearty food. For the Shepherd Pie lovers out there, what makes your Shepherds Pie stand out from the rest? I'd like to know.......

In the name of Wendy Diamond and her A Musical Feast Cookbook, please donate to the homeless.

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Keith Richards - Sheppard's Pie

{ Keith Richard's Shepherds Pie}

 {Keith Richards Sheppard's Pie}

 {Keith Richard's Shepherds Pie}










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