Moose Runs Over Car

We live about 30km outside the city. For the last eight years we have always felt relief when we turn off the main highway onto our dead end country road and make the 3km drive down, what seems to us as our own private road, finally reaching our domicile at the end. Lately it has proven to be the most dangerous part of our drive.

Most recently we were coming home from a late event. We turned onto our road with that same familiar sense of relief when we encountered another vehicle on our road. Now, one has to know about country roads in the spring time..... the shoulders of the road are very soft and if you aren’t careful you will end up sinking into the ditch.  So as the car approached we came to a full stop to allow for the passing vehicle. Much to our surprise we saw what we thought were the reflective tape on a pair of running shoes. It looked like there was someone running beside the oncoming vehicle! Moments later we realized that it wasn’t a runner, it was a moose and it was heading right for our car! At the same time my husband and I both said, “It’s a moose”.  Everything happened so fast, but we thought that it would go either left or right around our vehicle but it didn’t, it went running up the hood of our car! When it was on top of the roof of the car, it lost its footing and slid off the driver’s side and ran off into the bush. We sat there in total disbelief of what has just occurred. The driver of the other vehicle pulled up beside us and said, “I’ve seen a car run over a moose but never a moose run over a car!” Feeling great relief that we weren’t injured, the moose wasn’t injured, we drove off in shock.

The very next night when we were coming home from another event in which we took two vehicles to town, I was following behind my husband in the vehicle that was involved in the moose incident, we turned onto our country road with the same sense of relief, drove about half way down the road when all of a sudden the steering wheel made a sudden jolt to the left and the next thing you know, I felt as though I was sitting on the ground. The driver’s side wheel broke off and the car had come to a sudden hault. It seems that the impact from the moose standing on top of the car, compounded by the fact that our road is full of potholes, attributed to the wheel falling off. I am so grateful that it happened on our road and not on the highway while travelling at 90km an hour with a transport on my butt!

{Death of the "Netski"}

{Death of the "Netski"}

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