Roll Up the Rim

When it comes to Tim Hortons it doesn’t get much more Northern Ontario than that. People fondly refer to it as Timmies. In the winter it’s not unusual to see snowmobilers glide on up to the popular coffee shop and then once the snow is gone people switch to their ATV’s.

Tim Hortons is currently having their “Roll Up the Rim” contest. The prizes range from free coffee or donuts to cars. As a result of their contest I recently became a hundredaire! I won a $100 dollar gift card! Just think about it……….. I won’t have to hunt for the loose change in the center console for a while! All I have to say is, "Two medium coffees with milk please..........." Yippeeeee Tim Hortons!

{Tim Hortons - Espanola,   Ontario}

{Tim Hortons - Espanola, Ontario}


{Winning Coffee Rim}

{Winning Coffee Rim}

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