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I was at my local used book store (recycling is important) and I found a cookbook called, A Musical Feast. It was written in 1995 by Wendy Diamond. I liked that it was filled with favorite recipes from musicians that were popular during my era. I liked the variety of different recipes that it contained (especially the spicy ones) and I liked that the book was written on the basis of giving. Seventy percent (70%) of the proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to assist the homeless.

On a typical Sunday evening, my husband and I listen to Randy Bachman’s radio show called Vinyl Tap http://www.cbc.ca/vinyltap/ on CBC two radio station, while we cook and enjoy our evening meal. I thought that the music selected by Randy and recipes from the cookbook would go together so nicely. So, I plan to cook the meals from the cookbook on Sunday nights during Randy's show and post them on my blog. Because of copyright issues, I can’t provide the recipes, but you can always purchase a copy of your own by going to http://www.amazon.com/Musical-Feast-Recipes-Worlds-Artists/dp/0964731606. Or you could write to Ms. Diamond yourself http://www.animalfair.com/ . Ms. Diamond has continued on the path of giving and has gone on to help homeless animals. Of course I would encourage you to donate to your local homeless shelter, whether it is the two legged variety or the four legged variety!

While listening to Randy's show on the topic of "Hot and Cold", we dined on one of Mick Jager’s favorite recipes for Shrimp Curry with all of the fixings and finished the meal with a chocolate mousse that Sonic Youth recommended called Experimental Moose Trash. After making this recipe and eating it, I now know why they called it that. It was very chocolaty. I wonder if it’s still their favorite?

Randy’s music selections, combined with the musician’s favorite recipes compiled by Wendy, truly makes for a musical feast!

{A Musical Feast Cookbook By Wendy Diamond}

 {A Musical Feast by Wendy Diamond}

{Mick Jager's Shrimp Curry}

{Mick Jager's Shrimp Curry}

{Sonic Youth's Chocolate Mousse}

{Sonic Youth's Chocolate Mousse}

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